Our History

  • 1945: the Association was first established within the constitution of the National Association of Electrotechnical and Electronic Companies (ANIE), has 10° Group “Lighting Bodies” and 12° Group Lamps.

  • 1995: the Italian Association of Lighting Manufacturers (ASSIL) is formed.

  • 2008: ASSIL became an indipendent legal entity, but remained part of ANIE.

About us

ASSIL, Italian Association of Lighting Manufacturers, is influential and qualified spokesperson at national and international level of lighting industry operating on the Italian market. It includes around 80 manufacturers of luminaires, electrical components for lighting, light sources and LED. With an annual turnover of 2 billion Euros, ASSIL represents over the 50% of the Italian Lighting market turnover and 10.000 employees.

Objectives of the Association are representing, protecting and supporting member Companies. These targets are achieved by giving technical support to promote good lighting practice. The purpose is to enhance the quality and performance of lighting products placed on the market, respecting individuals’ visual comfort, energy efficiency requirements and environmental safeguard, as well as creating business opportunities for these products.

In its mission, ASSIL offers member Companies high value services to ensure a constant and prompt update on major topics for the Lighting Industry. Particular attention is focused on standardization and legislative development that the Association, through a dedicated Technical Area, follows both at national and international level through all steps: development, emanation, enactment and application.




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