National & international network 

ASSIL’s Technical Area coordinates and supervises numerous standardization committees and working groups, at national and international level, following the development and implementation of standardization and legislation for the lighting sector.

ASSIL attends over 70 working groups and committees in the following standardization bodies: CEI (Comitato Elettortecnico Italiano), UNI (Ente Italiano di Normazione), CENELEC (Comité Européen de Normation), CEN (Comité Européen de Normalization), IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and ISO (International Standard Organization).

In Europe ASSIL is member of the Executive Board and of the Association Committee of LightingEurope, the industry association that represents the lighting industry in Europe. LightingEurope is the voice of more than 1000 lighting companies who employ more than 10.000 people over Europe.

LightingEurope’s mission is to advocate and defend the lighting industry in Brusseles while reconciling it with ongoing EU policy aims. In doing so the Association is dedicated to promoting efficient lighting practices for the benefit of the global environment, human comfort and the jealth and safety of consumers, according to the Strategic Roadmap 2025, that represents LightingEurope vision for the next years.

In Italy ASSIL is member of ANIE Federazione, one of the largest trade organizations in Confindustria system in terms of weight, size and representativeness. 1,300 companies in the electrotechnical and electronic sector join ANIE.

The sector employs 468,000 people with aggregate turnover (at the end of 2016) of 74 billion euros. The member companies, suppliers of cutting-edge systems and technological solutions, are an expression of Made in Italy technological excellence that is a result of major annual investments in Research and Innovation.