Groups, Focus Groups and Task forces

The strategic guidelines, defined by ASSIL’s Executive Board, are elaborated and developed within the Market Group and the Tecno-Legislative Group.

The Market Group highlights business opportunities, developes initiatives to support the sector and promote the image of the Association.

The Tecno-Legislative Group defines ASSIL’s orientation in the standardization and legislative field. 

Both Market Group and Techno-Legislative Group, through their Executive Committee, may constitute Focus Groups and Task Forces.

To date, the following Focus Groups are operative:
  • Light, Well-being & Energy Focus Group
  • Public Lighting Focus Group
  • Emergency Focus Group
  • Environment Focus Group
  • Digitalization Focus Group 
  • Education Focus Group

Light & Energy Focus Group

The objective of this Focus Group is to provide technical support to the Ministry of Economic Development in the process of transposing EU legislation.

ASSIL contact person: Fabio Pagano

Public Lighting Focus Group

The objective of the Focus Group is to develop relations with the Public Administration by providing its technical support in the elaboration of rules/specifications in order to raise the quality level of the products used.
In its activity, the FG constantly monitors the legislation at national and regional level and works for the efficient development of intelligent lighting, with particular reference to external environments.

ASSIL contact person: Fabio Pagano

Emergency Focus Group

This Focus Group proposes, at the associative level, the mission and activities of the "Emergency Lighting" TF within the WG ILS of LightingEurope with the task of examining and evaluating the documents at European level.
It evaluates the opportunities for qualification and implementation of emergency lighting systems at national level.

ASSIL contact person: Fabio Pagano

Environment Focus Group

This Focus Group proposes at the associative level the mission and activities of the TFs within the WG CE of LightingEurope, regarding the analysis and development of the Community Directives on environmental issues.

ASSIL contact person: Barbara Nolli

Digitalization Focus Group

This Focus Group monitors and analyzes the development of communication, connection and interoperability technologies between products and systems in different application fields.
Participates in national and international activities for the development of relevant regulations and of interest for the lighting sector.
Promotes the development of training activities (courses, seminars, workshops)

ASSIL contact person: Barbara Nolli

Education Focus Group

This Focus Group analyzes and evaluates issues for the development of new training and refresher courses in the technical / regulatory and market development fields.
Participates in LE TF Education & Training and national and international WG for the definition and development of common training platforms.

ASSIL contact person: Andrea Solzi