The rapid and constant development of European product legislation forces Companies to spend more and more of their resources to find updated information and for the correct interpretation of standards and laws.

To facilitate Companies, ASSIL organizes meetings and trainings on hot issues for the lighting industry.

ASSIL trainings:


  • Essentials and common aspects of EU Directives (NLF and Blue Guides)
  • Luminaires: EN 60598-1: 2008
  • Photobiological risk of light sources
  • New EN 60598-1: 2015
  • New performance standards for luminaires and LED modules
  • Detailed study of the eco-design Directive
  • Safety directives and EMC
  • Environmental Directives and Regulations
  • Summary of the ecodesign and energy labeling Directives
  • Detailed study of  energy labeling Directive
  • Check and maintenance of safety lighting systems in buildings
  • UNI CEI 11222
  • Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD 2010-31-EU) and UNI EN 15193-1
  • Radio Equipment Directive (2014/53 / EU - RED Ex R & TTE)


  • Lighting principles
  • Interior lighting
  • Street lighting
  • Photometry
  • Tunnel lighting
  • Lighting design


  • Surge protection in LED luminaires
  • Low Voltage Directive (LVD)
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC)
  • Essential elements and common aspects of European Directives (NLF and new Blue Guide)
  • Detailed study of EN 60598-1: insulation of the circuits
  • Environmental directives
  • RoHS Directive
  • REACH Regulation
  • Summary of the Ecodesign Directive
  • Summary of Energy Labeling Directive

All scheduled trainings are free for the member companies. They are in italian and are held at ASSIL headquarter (Via Monte Rosa 96 , Milan). Trainings are also open to companies that are not associated, paying a fee according to the price list.

All the trainings can also be performed directly at the corporate headquarters. In addition to standard trainings, the Association offers member companies the opportunity to benefit of ad hoc trainings according to specific needs.

For standard and ad hoc courses c/o corporate headquarters, application must be submitted to the Secretary (+39 (0)2.97373352) which, subject to availability of teachers will elaborate an offer according to the price list.

For all the details related to content, scheduling of meetings and fees please contact our Secretary.




Inchiesta Pubblica Finale (UNI) - UNI1603513 "Progettazione illuminotecnica degli attraversamenti pedonali nelle strade con traffico motorizzato" Leggi tutti


Guida all'applicazione della direttiva EMC: aggiornamento requisiti nuova direttiva 2014/30/EU Leggi tutti


Approvata la norma EN 60598-1 A1:2018 in sede CENELEC Leggi tutti


Pubblicata la norma IEC 61000-3-2:2018 - Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Part 3-2: Limits - Limits for harmonic current emissions Leggi tutti


Vogliamo migliorare il sito web Siamo curiosi di sapere cosa ne pensa! Leggi tutti


Pubblicata la Direttiva 2017/2102/UE che modifica la Direttiva 2011/65/UE sulla restrizione dell'uso di determinate sostanze pericolose nelle apparecchiature elettriche ed elettroniche Leggi tutti


Novita' normativa in ambito di illuminazione stradale: disponibile la Nuova Specifica Tecnica UNI/TS 11690:2017 - FATTORE DI VISIBILITA' DI OGGETTI (FVO) Leggi tutti


Pubblicato il Decreto 27 settembre 2017 - Criteri Ambientali Minimi Leggi tutti



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